NFT Staking Reward Program

Roseon Finance is very excited to announce the NFT Staking Reward Program with Rage.Fan following our partnership.
Now, Roseon holders can participate in the world’s top leagues like UEFA EURO 2020 and NBA Playoffs 2021 and earn rewards with these simple steps:

  1. Enter
  2. Stake $ROSN
  3. Accumulate required points
  4. Redeem NFTs using those points.
  5. Earn reward in $ROSN and $RAGE if the team you choose wins the match.


  • Max $ROSN Staked per wallet: 5000 ROSN
  • Points per $ROSN staked: 5 per day staked
  • Flexi Staking — as name suggests will give the users the provision to unstake $ROSN at…

Roseon Finance Announces Ambassador Program

We are excited to kick off our new Ambassador Program which is designed exclusively for Roseon enthusiasts around the world who want to promote our project in their communities.

What Do You Gain From This?

You will play an important role in adding value to Roseon Finance by bringing our project to more people and will have an opportunity to become a leader of your community by being creative in helping to build and engage your community as well as taking the initiative in providing feedback, contributing to ideas, and making suggestions on how to grow the community and have…

Roseon Finance Launches New Pools

Hello Roseon Supporters,

Following the successful 100% subscription of our promotional introductory pools, Roseon Finance is pleased to open new pools exclusively for Roseon app users. These pools are created to celebrate the recent listing of ROSN on Kucoin and continue to deliver on Roseon’s promise to create opportunities for users to maximize their yield.

The new pools are:

ROSN Rose 2 (Roseon Staking Pool)

  • Pool size: 2,000,000 ROSN
  • Deposit: ROSN
  • Earn: ROSN
  • Subscription Period: June 12th (3 PM UTC) to June 18th (5 PM UTC)
  • Term: 1 month locked
  • Total Rewards: 150,000 ROSN
  • Estimated Return: 90% APR (7.5% …

Roseon Announces Listing on Kucoin

Roseon Finance is excited to announce that it will be added to leading crypto exchange, Kucoin. The ROSN listing on Kucoin represents the token’s first appearance on a mainstream centralized exchange and significantly broadens availability of the token to a larger pool of Roseon supporters.

Deposits will open on June 7th, at 10 am UTC and trading begins on June 8th, at 9 am UTC.

Allan Ta, CEO Roseon Finance said:

“Today marks an exciting milestone for our project. We officially launched our app last week to much fanfare and the listing of ROSN on the Kucoin exchange will further…

Roseon Finance Partners with PolkaFantasy

Roseon Finance is excited to announce its partnership with PolkaFantasy, the first-ever Japanese-Themed NFT Cross-Chain Marketplace. Under the terms of the partnership, Roseon will integrate PolkaFantasy’s NFT Collection and Marketplace into Roseon NFT Gallery. In addition, PolkaFantasy will create Roseon’s character NFTs with customized utilities which can be added to its Marketplace, and Game and rewards/revenue system.

PolkaFantasy offers users an authentic experience with Japanese-Themed NFTs, and this is an ideal partner that Roseon is pleased to be partnering with. NFTs have a remarkable impact on digital entertainment nowadays, and the collaboration between Roseon and PolkaFantasy will set the pace…

Roseon App Launch Pool Article

Roseon Finance is excited to announce that we are kicking off our app launch by bringing 3 promotional farming pools exclusively for Roseon users. You can stake ROSN, BNB, or MATIC tokens to earn ROSN, the utility token of Roseon App.

Please update to the latest version.

Roseon Finance Partners with Mozik

Roseon Finance is delighted to partner with Mozik, a decentralized music platform that aims to eliminate the monopoly of labels through NFTs. Under the terms of the partnership, Roseon will integrate $MOZ token and Mozik’s Art into its mobile app and DeFi platform. In addition, Roseon will represent Mozik Vietnam to onboard Viet music to Mozik platform.

Decentralization is key to helping the artists break free from the monopoly of record labels. MOZIK plans to be leading the charge for this revolution, and benefit artists and their fans alike and this is an ideal partner that we are excited to…

Roseon Finance Official App Launch

Roseon Finance, a mobile yield aggregator that manages your crypto and NFT portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks, is set to officially launch its highly anticipated mobile app on June 2, 2021, to bring liquidity mining and yield farming to your fingertips. The app, which will support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon network and its DeFi services, is being delivered ahead of schedule as the Roseon team continues its roadmap journey. Both Google Play and App Store versions are also now available.

The mobile app features an easy to use…

Roseon Finance Partners with Shield Finance

Roseon Finance ($ROSN) is pleased to announce a partnership with Shield Finance ($SHLD), a DeFi insurance provider. Under the terms of the MOU, Roseon and Shield will work together to deliver yield farming insurance options to Roseon’s users. The details are still being discussed though the partnership will allow Roseon Finance users to benefit from Shield insurance products to protect against loss due to security breach or smart contract failures.

“We see a lot of opportunities for insurance in NFT space, and the combination of NFT + yield farming is a unique value proposition of Roseon Finance.” Denis Gorbachev, CEO…

Roseon Finance ($ROSN) today announced the partnership with Polygon (previously Matic Network) as Roseon continues its mission to support multi-chains in its mobile aggregator app.

Roseon Finance Partners with Polygon (Matic Network)

The Details of The Partnership

Under the partnership arrangement with Polygon, Roseon Finance will access Polygon’s network of resources and take advantage of Polygon’s fast transaction processing times and low transaction fees. This will make the ecosystem a lot more flexible and interoperable as the Roseon mobile app gets ready to launch. …

Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance is a mobile-first, easy to use, crypto investment app.

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