“Learn To Earn” Quiz Contest

“Learn To Earn” is the first Blockchain quiz contest driven by Roseon Finance. Through the contest, users can learn knowledge about #Blockchain, #Cryptocurrency, #Security, #CryptoInvestment, #RoseonFinance, #ROSN, and earn rewards from Roseon Finance.

The bimonthly “Learn to Earn” Roseon Quiz Contest will be held at 2 PM (UTC) on Monday, and the first contest will be on 2nd August 2021 in the Roseon Telegram Community.

We will give away the rewards in $ROSN tokens for the 3 winners who answer the most questions correctly and in the shortest time each week.

The total rewards per week: $25

🥇 1st prize…

$21,000 Airdrop by CoinMarketCap and Roseon Finance

It’s time for a massive Roseon Community Airdrop!!!

In line with our goal to give fair allocation to investors and as a form of gratitude to our early supporters and active community, we are rewarding our community via a $21,000 in ROSN tokens Airdrop on CoinMarketCap.

How to participate:

Campaign Period: 2021–07–25 09:00 AM (UTC) to 2021–08–04 09:00 AM (UTC)

1) Add ROSN to your Main Watchlist on CMC and Thumbs up where it says “How do you feel about Roseon today”

2) Like, Follow, and Retweet this post and tag 2 friends.

3) Join our Telegram

5) Download Roseon…

Roseon Finance Partners with YellowRoad, Introduces Flex Savings

Partnership with Yellow Road

In its effort to keep expanding financial opportunities to its users, Roseon Finance is proud to have partnered with Yellow Road, a decentralized, community-backed IDO Platform for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Projects. The goal of the partnership is to help new projects onboard smoothly from IDO to post IDO. Under the terms of the partnership, Roseon will refer new projects to Yellow Road and Yellow Road to introduce its clients to Roseon’s Dual Rewards and other farming programs.

To celebrate our collaboration, Roseon lists the $ROAD token and introduces its first Dual Rewards Program with Yellow Road. The new token…

How to install Roseon Mobile through Testflight (for iOS users)

Roseon Finance Mobile App is continuously upgraded to a new version. So if you use the iOS operating system, and want to always experience the latest features, what should you do? That is to install the Roseon Mobile application through Testflight instead of waiting for the application to live on the App Store.

What’s Testflight

TestFlight is a platform provided by Apple that allows public users to install beta version of your app. It’s important to realize this is different from the App Store (which is available to the general public) vs Testflight.

Why you should install Testflight version


The Roseon Beta Program for iOS App Users

Roseon Mobile App is being continuously improved and we are looking for iOS testers and innovators who want to be the first to experience the latest features. Here is your chance, just install the Roseon app through Testflight.

What’s Testflight

TestFlight is a platform provided by Apple that allows public users to install beta version of your app. It’s important to realize this is different from the App Store (which is available to the general public) vs Testflight.

Why you should join Beta Program for iOS users

  • Roseon App beta testers get to try new features, enhancements and improvements that…

Roseon Mobile Bug Fix for LP Tokens for iOS

We have identified some issues with the recent LP Token integration in Roseon Mobile for iOS. While the development team is addressing the issue with Apple, we have prepared this interim solution to allow users to stake their LPs in the ROSN/BNB LP Pool. Below is the work-around for iOS users only, Android users not affected.

How to Deposit LP tokens with Roseon iOS v 2.2.24

Step 1: Click on Wallet tab > Click Deposit on the right top corner

Step 2: Select ROSN-BNB LP

Step 3: Copy Address

Step 4: Deposit ROSN-BNB LP token to Roseon LP Wallet


Roseon Finance Launches LP Staking with Dual Rewards

Dear Roseon Supporters,

As a mobile yield farm and staking mobile platform, our goal is to bring innovation to staking and farming, our vision is to simplify your crypto experience. Roseon Finance is proud to launch our first Liquidity (LP) Staking program to help with new projects increase token demand, token application and token liquidity.

What is Liquidity Staking?

Liquidity Staking is when a Liquidity Provider “LP” stakes its liquidity to earn additional rewards, often referred to as “LP Staking or Farming”.

What is a Liquidity Provider?

On PancakeSwap, an LP deposits liquidity into the (ROSN/BNB) pool, an LP token…

We’re Hiring Social Media Manager

About Us

Roseon Finance is a mobile yield aggregator that manages your crypto + NFT portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks.

Job Title: Social Media Manager

Salary: Competitive salary

Send your application to: danie@roseon.finance

Roseon Finance is looking for a Social Media Manager who is capable of managing social media content and enthusiastic in crypto.

Desired qualification

  • At least 2 year of experience in cryptocurrencies or any technical field to be able to understand Blockchain & cryptos
  • Excellent command over the English language (Native English, or at least IELTS 7.5, or advanced English writing skill)
  • Understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Roseon Community Newsletter — July 2021

General Update

This is the first full month for Roseon App and what a month it has been! The success of our app has been very positive and since its launch on June 2, 2021, we have garnered approx 5000 users and with a total TVL of 2M. We also listed on Kucoin to provide additional liquidity to our token. Whilst the market has not been performing particularly well, we remain optimistic and remain focused on delivering on our roadmap which is ahead of schedule.

Staking Programs

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the user experience within Roseon Finance’s mobile app services. Today, we want to announce a number of improvements to enhance the rewards and loyalty within the Roseon Finance ecosystem. We have added a VIP System, a new Dual Rewards Farming Program, and the listing of 5 new tokens. The Roseon App launched earlier this month to much fanfare and continues to garner a lot of interest in how it helps everyone tap into the world of DeFi through their mobile device. …

Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance is a mobile-first, easy to use, crypto investment app.

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